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Your immunity ON TOP

Essential vitamins and nutrients to maintain strong immunity daily

Unlock the Power of Antioxidants & Anthocyanin

Fight free radicals and reduce inflammation in the body

Eliminate gut discomfort

Maintain balanced gut bacteria and improve your overall wellness

Pleasant body nourishes soul

Prevent premature aging and improve your skin health

Live fast, age slow: MUSS's commitment to your vitality!

At MUSS, we understand that the foundation of a vibrant life lies not just in slowing aging but in addressing the root causes of health challenges.

Our commitment is to offer not just supplements, but a pathway to a life lived fully, powered by the unique blend of Nordic wild berries in our organic supplements.

These ingredients, chosen for their potent benefits, support your body’s natural defenses, promote vitality, and help you live fast while aging slower.

Our mission is to empower you with the tools to embrace every moment, with the confidence that comes from optimal health and well-being.

Your immunity is unique.
Your supplements should reflect that

Our organic antioxidant-rich vitamin formula battles the root causes of oxidative
stress, giving your body the daily immunity support it needs!

3a Your Shield Against Aging

Experience a surge in energy and immune strength with MUSS 3A, harnessing the power of Nordic berries and spirulina for your daily vitality.

☀️ Enhanced Energy and Stamina
☀️ Strong Immune Support
☀️ Anti-Aging Properties
☀️ Improved Mental Clarity
☀️ Supports Healthy Sleep Patterns


3u Immune Powerhouse

Optimize your urinary health naturally with MUSS 3U, rich in antioxidants to enhance immunity and reduce the need for antibiotics.

☀️ Urinary Tract Health
☀️ Boosts Immunity
☀️ Antibiotic Use Reduction
☀️ Rich in Antioxidants
☀️ Natural Ingredients


3D Vibrant Beauty and Health

Revitalize your hair, skin, and nails with MUSS 3D, blending Nordic wild berries and essential nutrients for your beauty and well-being.

☀️ Hair, Skin, and Nail Health
☀️ Prevents vitamin deficiencies
☀️ Skin Condition Improvement
☀️ Hydration and Anti-Aging
☀️ Collagen Synthesis Support


We kicked off with a dream to transform lives – and it's evidently coming true.

I will definitely continue to use MUSS 3A supplement and recommend it to others, especially those who have poor nutrition, stress or heavy workload - both physical and emotional, as a good source of additional vitamins and minerals.


MUSS's wild forest berries thrive in pristine forests, nurtured by fertile soil and pure air, resulting in exceptionally potent and health-boosting vitamins.

Vegan Friendly
100% Natural
No Gluten, Sugar or GMO's
Lactose & Dairy Free
Consistency saves

Receive MUSS regularly and watch both your health and savings grow.

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Research approved

Nordic Berries Are a Powerhouse of Wellness!

We have taken an extra step by partnering with Riga Stradins University, conducting pivotal research to substantiate the remarkable health benefits of Nordic wild berries.

This collaboration has brought to light the rich antioxidant properties and high anthocyanin content of these natural superfoods, showcasing their powerful impact in fighting oxidative stress and boosting wellness.

Our commitment at MUSS to preserving the high nutritional value of these wild berries during processing is now research-backed, guaranteeing that each capsule delivers the full spectrum of health benefits these potent berries offer.

Read full research

Experience Nordic vitality with Hand-Picked Wild Berry Treasures, harvested when nutritional value in berries is the highest


Rich in antioxidants and contain the most prebiotics that can help to improve gut health

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Anti-inflammatory benefits and powerful source to boost the immune system

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Rich in fatty acids like omega-7 and beneficial for skin rejuvenation, hair growth, and strong nails

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Reduce the risk of urinary tract infections and contains C & E vitamins

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