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5 Health Benefits of Cranberry Powder and Extract

cranberry nutritional value per 100g

Enjoying fresh, raw berries when they are in season is a great idea. Raw cranberries contain fiber, carbs, vitamins, and antioxidants, making them a wonderful addition to a healthy diet. 

Still, cranberry powder and extract (taken as dietary supplements) provide health benefits as concentrated fruit forms that do not lose their nutritional value in any season.

What is Cranberry Powder and Extract?

The extract of cranberries is obtained from fully ripe cranberries during their season. You may come across cranberry extract in various forms, such as liquid extracts, capsules, or tablets. 

Cranberry powder can be made from fresh or freeze-dried berries. The freeze-drying method, also known as lyophilization, is a widely used method that helps maintain the nutrients and bioactive compounds in berries. This method is highly effective in preserving the health benefits of cranberries in a powdered form.

During lyophilization, the berries retain their nutritional value comparable to fresh berries. Recent research has shown that freeze-dried cranberry powder has numerous advantages, such as enhancing the microbial composition in the colon, which ultimately promotes better health and wellness.

MUSS 3u Health and Immunity formula contains 100% natural Nordic wild cranberry extract. To make cranberry powder beneficial to any diet, MUSS ensures that the nutritional value of the berries is preserved by crushing freeze-dried cranberries into a fine powder.

Let’s discover the 5 health benefits of cranberry powder and extract

1. Natural Immune System Booster

Cranberries are a nutritional powerhouse, boasting a rich combination of vitamins and minerals that support immune health, including Vitamins A, C, and E, potassium, and manganese. 

Antioxidants, like proanthocyanidins found in cranberries, neutralize harmful free radicals, strengthening our immune warriors. Vitamin C boosts immune function by enhancing immune cells' production and operation, giving our body extra protection.

The research shows that berries generally prevent the formation of harmful compounds and even reduce bacterial adherence. As adjuvants to immune therapies, berries have proven their worth. 

Cranberry extract can help strengthen your body's defense against illness. For instance, here are 6 benefits of cranberry extract.

6 Benefits of Cranberry Extract

  1. Antioxidant Support
  2. Inflammation Reduction
  3. Gut Health Enhancement
  4. Antibacterial Action 
  5. Vitamin C Boost
  6. Urinary Tract Health

2. Relieve Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) Pain

Women's well-being is one of the health's main goals because it impacts their physical health and promotes emotional, mental as well as social wellness. Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is one of the most common disorders faced by women of reproductive age and may impact women's emotional and physical well-being. 

The latest research shows that micronutrients, especially calcium, magnesium, and vitamin B, reduce PMS symptoms like cramps, lower back pain, and anxiety. Adding cranberry powder to your diet is an easy and effective way to increase your magnesium intake.

The daily recommended magnesium intake for women aged 18 and above is 320-360mg, which increases to 360-400mg during pregnancy. Men aged 18 and above should aim for 400-420 mg of magnesium daily.

Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDAs) for Magnesium 

3. Cranberries Improve Urinary Tract Health

The significant antioxidant power of cranberries is what protects against urinary infections. Cranberry extract and powder are widely used to prevent symptoms of one of the most common bacterial infections– urinary tract infection (UTI).

Participants of the clinical trial who consumed cranberry extract capsules experienced an improvement in urinary symptoms and a reduction in the presence of Escherichia coli (E. coli) bacteria in their urine after 10 days of taking the capsules. 

That shows that cranberry extract capsules may have a beneficial effect on urinary health by reducing urinary symptoms.

4. Helps to Improve Heart Health

According to this study, cranberries constitute phenolic acids, including hydroxybenzoic and hydroxycinnamic acids, which benefit cardiovascular health. They help improve:

  • cholesterol levels; 
  • reduce blood pressure;
  • support the health of blood vessels, which can lower the risk of heart disease and stroke.

The Benefits of cranberry powder are comparable to those of consuming fresh cranberries. Incorporating freeze-dried cranberry powder into a balanced diet is essential for reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. The study has approved that 9g of cranberry freeze-dried powder equals 100g of fresh cranberries. 

A new study has verified that consuming 100g of fresh cranberries daily significantly affects blood vessel function, leading to improved cardiovascular health.

cranberry health benefits

5. Reduces Cavities and Gum Diseases

The World Health Organization (WHO) has provided an overview of oral diseases, revealing that dental caries, gum diseases, total tooth loss, and oral cancer can impact around 3.5 billion individuals globally.

Periodontitis is a serious oral condition caused by inflammation of tissues surrounding teeth. It can be prevented with good dental hygiene and treated with proper care.

Red cranberry fruits contain proanthocyanidins (PACs), the most abundant flavonoids. These PACs are known for their antimicrobial, anti-adhesion, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties. 

A recent study has shown that cranberry PACs can prevent and manage periodontitis, making them a possible therapeutic agent.

Wild Cranberries vs Cultivated Cranberries, Which One is Better?

It is important to note that the level of phenolic compounds in cranberries that provide antioxidant properties can be affected by various factors. These factors include:

  • the type of cranberry;
  • farming practices;
  • geographical location;
  • climate;
  • degree of ripeness;
  • timing of harvest;
  • storage conditions.

There are two most well-known types of cranberries

1. American Cranberry 

American Cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon), or "large" cranberry, is a widely available and commonly cultivated variety of cranberry native to North America.

2. European Cranberry

European cranberry (Vaccinium oxycoccus), also known as wild cranberry or swamp cranberry, is found mainly in Europe. The MUSS vitamins-3u are made using cranberry extract sourced from untouched bogs in Nordic forests.

Wild Cranberries vs Cultivated Cranberries

Both types of cranberries are an excellent source of bioactive compounds such as carbs, fiber, magnesium, and vitamins C, E, and K1 that can significantly benefit your health.

Final Note

Cranberry powder and extract have become increasingly popular as natural health boosters of any season. Their unique benefits have captured people's attention and many incorporate them into their daily diets. These delicious products enhance our taste buds, promote well-being, and maintain optimal health.


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